What Is BTL Marketing and what is the use of BTL?

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BTL mentions to a series of advertising techniques known together as below-the-line marketing. Below-the-line marketing includes direct marketing by mail or email, sales promotion, marketing infrastructures, displays and marketing. Above-the-line marketing mentions to advertising in television such as print, cinema, radio, television, outdoor posters and the Internet. BTL marketing movements that use both above-the-line and below-the-line techniques are known as through-the-line campaigns.

Agency Remuneration
The terms above-the-line and below-the-line first referred to the way publicity agencies were paid for their services. BTL Agencies received commission from the media in return for placing advertisements. The level of command was sufficient to cover the prices of creating and producing the content for advertisements, as well as providing the agency with a fee and profit influence. BTL Agencies reserved the commission and clients received the creative and manufacture costs free. Because no commission was available on non-media activities, agencies charged clients for all creative and production costs.
Below-The-Line Agencies
The foundation of agency remuneration has changed, and advertising agencies now base their custodies on a mixture of fees and retained commission. However, clients have recognized the importance of below-the-line marketing and work with companies that offer exact services, such as direct marketing agencies, sales promotion agencies, marketing communications consultancies and telemarketing agencies.
Businesses use below-the-line campaigns to reach spectators that are problematic or costly to contact through publicity media. A direct BTL marketing campaign, for example, targeting a selected group of key customers with a limited-time offer represents a precise form of BTL marketing with negligible waste. A sales promotion campaign contribution discounts on a product in a single retail chain drives consumers to a series of defined locations, allowing precise dimension of the campaign’s effectiveness.
Uniting above -the-line and below-the-line techniques in a single, integrated campaign can improve marketing effectiveness. An publicity campaign to launch a new creation, combined with a retail incentive package and an in-store consumer promotion will inspire retailers to carry additional stocks of the advertised product. Through-the-line campaigns are most effective when advertising and below-the-line content use the same creative approach and communicate consistent messages crosswise all media.

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